Introducing Kunu Film Wear


Wow! You came! Thanks so much for stopping by and welcome to Kunu Film Wear. 

What is Kunu Film Wear?

Simply put, it's a new clothing brand that's aimed at filmmakers and photographers. In addition to our own branded premium apparel, we also design practical and stylish clothing and gifts for all kinds of creators. 

Whether you need shirts for your crew, or a gift for your nephew, Kunu Film Wear has got you covered. 

Why Kunu Film Wear?

As independent filmmakers ourselves, we know the role good quality clothing can play while filming. We understand how certain fabrics and cuts can affect how you move. We also noticed that there aren't a lot of places to find gifts for filmmakers and photographers. So, we decided to start making our own and selling them on the internet. 

Of course, we know no one is just going to show up for the clothes no matter how awesome they look which is why we also have plans to bring some other useful, inspiring, and informative tools, videos, and products to the table. 

Starting Soon we are going to be sharing a short film once a day, every day! It might be a new, it might be old, you may have seen it, or maybe not, but every single day you can look forward to a new film to get your day rolling. 

Well that's it for now. Thanks for reading our first blog post and visiting the site. We hope you take the time to look around, subscribe to the newsletter and connect with us on social media.