First Samples are in!

I'm excited to see this store finally coming together! It's been a slower process than I was anticipating, but that's okay! That means I have other work to work on and have to put my shirt designs on hold. 

So far it looks like I will have some more time to work on a few more designs next week. I would really like to have a healthy collection of designs ready to go when I officially launch the site (although, it's all online and ready for people who might happen to show up).

As the title suggests, the first sample products from my supplier have arrived! I am extremely happy with how they look and feel! At this stage, I only have a limited number of samples that I can order at one time (at a discounted price), so I have had to limit my selection a little more than I would like to. Since I can only get three items per month right now I chose a few essentials. A hat, a hoodie, and a T. All with the Kunu logo on them. 

The hat looks super slick. It's black with a closed back and the logo embroidered on the front. The inside rim is soft and elastic, so it feels really comfortable and fits perfectly! 

The T is also pretty comfortable. It fits a bit snug, but in just the right way. You know how sometimes you put on a new shirt and it makes you feel good? Like better than you usually do? I feel like this shirt could be that shirt for me. 

And now the hoodie... which I enjoyed for a day or two before my wife decided to make it her new favourite cozy thing. 

So, needless to say, I am very happy with them! 

I'll be revealing the new duds very soon in a new video coming this week! 

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